Weekly Photo Challenge- Today Was a Good Day

Weekly Photo Challenge- Today Was a Good Day

I recently had one of the best days that I’ve had in a really long time. Here’s why.

On my last trip home to Hawai’i, I was sitting in the car listening to the radio and watching the sunrise over Hualalai mountain, when this beautiful song started to play. The woman’s voice was so haunting that I stopped what I was doing and turned the volume up, and let the moment come over me like a rush of clean Hawaiian air coming down the mountain side.

As the song ended, I anxiously waited for the DJ to tell me whose voice it was that took my breath away. Her name is Maisey Rika, and it turned out that she was performing in my town the very next evening. However, time got the best of me and I missed her show. I was so disappointed, knowing that she is a Maori artist from New Zealand, and that I was eventually heading back to New York City, where my chances of ever seeing her perform there were probably slimmer than seeing her back in the pacific. The only thing I could do in the mean time was listen to one of her albums over and over. Her smooth style and rich voice always seems to bring me peace, especially living in this crazy city.

Well it turns out that my doubts of ever seeing her were wrong. To my surprise, she, and another talented Maori artist named Tama Waipara, just so happened to be in New York City a couple of weeks ago! As soon as a friend told me, I screamed like a school girl (on the inside of course) and made sure that I would be there.

And not only did I get to see some amazing artists perform, but we were invited to an after-show picnic/jam-session! It was the most humbling experience to be able to connect with such incredible artists and great people with such warm spirits. It was the day that would make my summer complete. And for that, it was a good day!

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