Weekly Photo Challenge- Summer Lovin’

Always smiling!


This summer, we were blessed with a new addition to the family! Meet Pepeiao (Pep-ey-ow), our new baby Basenji. We call him “Pep” for short. His full name is the Hawaiian word for “ears”, since he has cute, big and perky ears. He is now almost seven months old, and has been growing very quickly!

An ancient dog living in a modern world

An ancient dog living in a modern world.

Basenjis are one of the oldest breeds in the world. They come from the Congo region of Africa, and can still be found in villages there today, where they help hunters, and are also family dogs. The word Basenji is Buntu for “bush thing”. One of the characteristics they are most known for, is their inability to bark. However, they do make yodeling and chortling sounds that are very distinct. Also considered to be “cat-like”, they love to clean themselves, and are very low maintenance when it comes to grooming.

Sporting his new bandana.

Sporting his new bandana.

Basenjis are highly intelligent, but can be very stubborn and become bored easily. This has caused some people to think that they are not trainable, or mistake them for being not so smart. On the contrary. It takes being consistent, but always keeping training fresh and different to keep them from being distracted. They are also not bred to be “people pleasers”, meaning you will not necessarily get “kisses” all the time or a dog constantly in your lap wanting to cuddle, as they tend to be independent. However, they are extremely loyal and show their love in their own little ways.

Needless to say, our summer has been full of love (and work), but it has been nothing but lots of fun. He has been extremely well behaved, socializing well, and LOVES taking naps and sun bathing the day away in the window, while he watches the activity on the streets below. We are so happy to have him in our family and look forward to years of love with our new baby Basenji! Pep!

Making himself comfortable under the baby stroller. He loves it!

Making himself comfortable under the baby stroller. He loves it!

If you would like to learn more about Basenjis, please visit the BRAT (Basenji Rescue and Transport) Website. Also, see more weekly photo challenges here!

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