New York Minutes- A Day on Governor’s Island

With Memorial Day officially kicking off the summer season, I decided to take some visiting family members to the opening of Governor’s Island. And I’ll admit that in almost ten years of living in New York, this was going to be my first visit. And its definitely not going to be my last!

Getting there was very easy and there are a couple of different ferries that you can take. We took the East River Ferry, which cost about $12 per person round trip on the weekends, but there is another ferry that only costs $2. (I got a little confused and went to the wrong one!) For the cheaper fare, make sure to visit the New York Waterway website. The weather that day was perfect, with clear skies and a nice breeze. It was also a great day to be out and about with my camera. And with my niece in town, I couldn’t have had a better subject to shoot! The island was filled with family friendly activities, and we were lucky enough to catch a carnival going on, organized by some local schools. There is also a museum to take a look at, as well as art, and awesome food trucks!

So if you have a free day, make sure take a ferry over to Governor’s Island. Its like being in a totally different place than New York City and definitely has a great history behind it. Below are some photos from our day. Enjoy!


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