A Spring Day in Washington Square Park- New York City

IIMG_6288t was a beautiful spring day, so I decided to take a stroll through Washington Square Park on my way to work. It was full of people, the air was fresh, and the energy was magnificent! I initially sat down to read the paper, with the intention of finishing it, until I heard the sound of a piano. When I looked up and across the park, I noticed a black baby-grand piano in the middle of one of the walkways, with a man sitting on it playing! And being that I also play the piano, I was immediately drawn to the beautiful music coming from that direction.

IMG_6290I immediately got up and made my way over to the music. I couldn’t help but take a couple of photographs of the “crazy piano guy” (Collin Huggins), because the sight and sound of him playing against the backdrop of the park is incredibly inspiring.

After soaking in some classical music, I headed towards the west end of the park. The bright pink radiance of a flower bed caught my eye, so I stopped for a moment to appreciate them, and to let spring set in.



There was a crowd of people around the temporarily empty fountain, just past the flower bed. They watched curiously, laughing and cheering while being entertained by boisterous street performers. It seemed like they were the interactive bunch, as one of the guys in there looked like he was pulled from the crowd to participate.

As I walk past, giant bubbles rose from behind the onlookers. Elongated ones, accompanied by big and small circular ones. They are there for a moment, and then gone in a blink. Eventually, the source of these curious bubbles reveals herself. Its the bubble lady! She sways her arms back and forth as if she is conducting a symphony of bubbles. The tiny ones would be the piccolos, flutes and clarinets. The violas and violins. The larger ones would be the trombones, tubas, bassoons. And everything in between, is well, all the instruments in between, with the exception of the percussions section. This is saved for when the bubbles burst. All bursting and different times, while new bubbles are formed, large and small, continuously keeping an odd, yet even rhythm. Tiny bubble burst like cymbals. Large, oblong ones burst and cascade down like wind chimes. The breeze supplies the life behind the symphony of bubbles. And the crazy piano guy, well he of course adds the piano ever so faintly in the background.

My walk through the park is about to end, so I take one last look and head to work. Spring has sprung, and I am content. It was the best 15 minutes of my day.





2 responses to “A Spring Day in Washington Square Park- New York City

  1. Oh wow, a piano player in the middle of a park in New York City. We have buskers on the streets of Melbourne (where I live), but not a baby grand outside on the paths in sight. It must have been very lovely music you heard Collin play, a treat for your ears.

    The park looks like a fun place to walk around and I can understand why it was the best 15 minutes of your day. Music, bright colours, giant soapy bubbles…all the things we loved as kids 🙂

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