New York Minutes- The Liz Christy Garden

When you live in a concrete jungle like New York City, its nice to take advantage of the many parks and outdoor areas to take a break from the craziness and get in touch with nature. There is, of course, the world famous Central Park, the East River and Hudson River, and many various parks throughout this wonderful city. However, I recently discovered the mystery behind the fence of the Liz Christy Garden, which is located on Houston St. on the corner of Bowery.

IMG_6256I’ve walked by this fenced in garden so many times in all my eight years of living in the city, and have never once been in until now. I suppose its because I never paid attention to see if it was open, because it looks like a private area. But on my way home last week, I noticed that the gate was open and people were sitting in there enjoying the crisp spring weather. Needless to say, I walked right in to check it out and I was very surprised at how serene it felt!

Even though this garden is on one of the busier streets in Manhattan with lots of foot traffic, you definitely feel like you’re in a different wIMG_6262orld when you’re in there. Its almost like being in a storybook fantasy garden. Little gazebos, so many different flowers in bloom, and a pond with fish! I couldn’t help but sit down and soak it all in (along with some sun), and relax for a minute. I’m not sure if the garden is open to the public all the time, but if you walk by there, make sure to check. And if its open, please walk through and enjoy this lovely garden!


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