Ciutat del Born- The Archaeological Site of El Born CC

IMG_3913Even before my first visit, Barcelona has always intrigued me. And after I finally made the first trip, I was hooked. Not only  is it’s beauty enchanting, but so is it’s rich cultural history. It wasn’t until I took my first trip that I realized how different Barcelona is from the rest of Spain. And once I got a taste, I couldn’t help but dive into reading more on it’s unique history, culture and politics. And I must say that I was delightfully surprised to learn what I have about Catalunya. (It also helps that my fiancé is a native!)

On my last visit to Barcelona, my partner and I stopped by El Born Centre Cultural. While we didn’t take the full guided tour of the site, we got to take a look at the Ciutat del Born. Its an archaeological site that was first revealed in the early 1990’s, and has had continuous excavations up until 2009.

The site is very vast, and as you can see, has been well preserved. What is so amazing is that it has given us an inside look at a period of time that dates back to the 14th century! If you’re ever in Barcelona, you should definitely stop by and see this!

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