New York Minutes- Cheap Cuban Cuisine in Midtown


Yellow rice, red beans and platanos

Today a friend introduced me to a great place tucked away in midtown. Its called Margon Restaurant, and is located at 136 W 46th St. between 6th and 7th avenues. This small, but quaint place is definitely a little gem! My friend was excited about going today because Thursday (as well as Monday and Friday) is oxtail day! And after having my serving, I can see what the excitement was all about!

Servings were definitely a generous portion with one plate just for the side fixings of rice, beans and platanos (bananas). Mind you, there is a choice of white or yellow rice, and red or black beans. Or, if you don’t want one or the other, thats oaky too! The lady  behind the counter was super friendly, as well as the man who cashed us out.


Oxtail! Yum!

There about five or six tables in this place, and while we were there, it was pretty steady with people in and out. Some of them stayed and some were ordering take out. Try to get a table as soon as you can because they seemed to fill up quickly!

In the end, we left stuffed, with a bill of about $10 per person. And thats including a drink! So if you’re ever up in midtown, and want to try some Cuban food, definitely stop here for a heaping plate of awesomeness!



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