The Neon Museum- Las Vegas

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, I made it a point to stop by the Neon Museum to check out “retired” signage. My family and I purchased tickets online prior to arrival as we wanted to make sure our spots were secured in the guided tour. However, if you did decide to go last minute without purchasing tickets in advance, I’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem.

I was really excited to go to the museum for many different reasons. One of them being that this was the first time, after many family trips to Las Vegas, that I was going to see something that didn’t involve the “Strip” or  Old Downtown Last Vegas. And on top of it all, it turned out to be a free history lesson!

The tour itself took about an hour and and a half, and although the outdoor space doesn’t seem as large as it really is, there are many different pieces to speak of. Some of the signs were complete, and some were partial. All of them were very cool! And while I didn’t have a chance to capture every single piece, I think the photos should give you a pretty good idea. The next time you’re in Las Vegas, stop by this place and check it out!

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