Virgin America JFK-LAS (Main Cabin)

Its been a while since I’ve taken a trip, but I’m happy to say that I recently flew on Virgin America for the first time! I was very excited since I’ve heard so many good things about them. And of course, seeing their new safety video online made me wonder even more what the experience was going to be all about.

So where should I begin? Well I suppose I’ll start with the look of the cabin. It was much more ambient than all of the other carriers I’ve flown on the in the past. With  pink and purple cabin lights, I felt like I was walking into a lounge. And oddly enough, it kind of relaxed me. I took a quick look at the first class seats on my way into the main cabin. They looked quite comfortable and wide, with plenty of leg room. I believe there were eight seats total in the first class cabin.


The “safety dance” video

The seats in the main cabin (economy) were pretty inviting as well. They didn’t look hard like some other seats do. And after settling in, I do have to say that the seat seemed softer than I was expecting. The full flight was quickly boarded and off we went to Las Vegas!

The highlight at this point was definitely the safety video that played. It was very entertaining and fun to watch. I was excited to see how the touch screen console worked, as I was previously told by friends who have flown with them, that you could order things directly from the screen.  There was pretty good selection of items to choose from and I found it very convenient. I was also excited to see that they served this alcoholic beverage that I’ve had before, but rarely see on menus, since it was  a European friend of mine who introduced it to me. The drink is basically red win and coca-cola mixed together served on ice. It was listed as “Calimocho”. However, I rarely drink when I know I’m about to gamble. This is because I end up saving much more money, and being much more rational! I ended up ordering some coffee, to which you could also request how much sugar and cream you wanted in there while ordering. Here is where the one thing I saw that disappointed me appeared.


The dirty tray table 😦

After ordering my coffee, I lowered my tray table, and to my disappointment, it was dirty! And by dirty I don’t mean it had a couple of specks on it. It had a sticky substance which was probably left over from a spilled drink, mixed in with dust that caused it to turn black. Now I know I’m not an expert on airline operations, and I can honestly say that my criticisms come with only what I see. And I realize that this flight has a very quick turn around, as it seems like its their only flight to and from Las Vegas. However, I equate it to going to a nice restaurant and being sat at a table that hasn’t been cleaned. But honestly, the dirty tray table wasn’t a deal breaker for me.

The touch screen console was full of choices for entertainment. From a good amount of free satellite TV stations, to paid movies, to music selection. And I’m not sure who is in charge of selecting the music, but thumbs up to the person who picked the songs in the “Electronic Music” section! (I’m a big listener of that genre if you can’t tell.)



The flight attendants on this leg of the trip were really friendly and I appreciated the manner in which they spoke over the intercom. They didn’t sound like robots, which was nice. And on my return trip, the gate agents were pretty entertaining when they were announcing boarding groups. I was in group B, or “B as in beautiful” as the gate agent put it. The in-flight team on the way back didn’t seem as energetic as the first team, but none the less, they were pleasant. The only small hiccup was that I received a second order of coffee, even though I only ordered one. And the flight attendant seemed a little annoyed when I told her I already received my coffee. She didn’t seem annoyed at me, but maybe by another team member for not clearing the order on their end? All in all it was a quick flight that landed 45 minutes early, which was a plus.

My first experience with Virgin America was finally over, and it left me feeling very satisfied. It was definitely a different experience that I enjoyed, and look forward to having again. And if you’ve never flown with them, I would definitely recommend that you do it at least once and see what its all about!

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