Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

Panda Bear

Panda Bear

Our pets always become part of the family, and this little guy has been part of my family for the last five years! Meet Panda Bear. He is a Jack Russell and Toy Fox Terrier mix. The story of how we got his is pretty interesting. His original owners got his mother from a posting on Craigslist. Unbeknownst to them, she was pregnant with a littler of puppies and was not informed by the sellers. Low and behold, our Panda Bear was the runt of the litter and we were very happy to welcome him into our home.

He is quite the docile one, for being part Jack Russell, which normally tend to be high energy. He is also the most loving dog and is quite tiny, being that he was the runt. He loves to cuddle and has such a sweet personality. We love him!

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