New York Minutes- Brightening My Day

There’s one thing that always takes me by surprise when I walk down the streets of New York City. And its a happy surprise, especially on a cold, gloomy, wintery day. These colorful surprises are nothing other than the the flower stands at the corner stores, or what may also be known in many cities as “boedgas”.


IMG_5550Now, I know this may not necessarily be something thats a unique New York experience, but its something that always makes me happy when I see them. When you live in a city that never sleeps and is constantly hustling and bustling, its very easy to miss (or fail to look for) the little things that can brighten your day. And for me, these always catch my eye, and make me stop just for a quick second. And thats what I love about New York City. Its always full of happy surprises in unexpected places. I guess when they say its good to “stop and smell the roses”, its really true!

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