New York Minutes- Num Pang Cambodian Sandwiches

Its been a while since I’ve put up one of these posts and I apologize as my computer was on the fritz and I had to get it fixed! But I’m back and am happy to share another one of my favorite New York City eateries.

Num Pang was briefly mentioned in my post about the Chelsea Markets, but it definitely deserves its own. With five different locations around the city, this place has some of the best Asian sandwiches I’ve ever had! If you like Asian food, and you like sandwiches, then this is the place to check out. IMG_5282

IMG_5288The location I usually go to is in Union square, tucked away off University Pl. and 12th St.. Its a cozy little spot with a walk up window to order, and seating upstairs. The space has a raw, urban vibe with graffiti on its walls and windows that make you feel like you’re at a warehouse. And its not uncommon to see a short line of people waiting to get their hands on one of these mouth watering sandwiches. (If I remember correctly, its cash only.)

On my recent visit, I took friends who were in town from Hawai’i, who said it was one of the best meals they’ve had. We ordered the very popular pork belly with Asian pear sandwich, (which they tend to run out of a lot), the Brooklyn Bangers (grilled Khmer sausage), and the ginger barbecue brisket. So yummy!

Ginger barbecue brisket

Ginger barbecue brisket

Pork belly with Asian pear

Pork belly with Asian pear

So the next time you’re in the Union Square area, make sure to stop in and indulge on one (or two) of their awesome and satisfying sandwiches! Until next time, see ya!

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