Les Magnòlies- Mushroom Gastronomy in Girona

IMG_0697Tucked away in the mountainous Province of Girona, Restaurant Les Magnòlies was yet another culinary experience I will never forget.

It was mushroom season, and driving down the windy roads,  you could see the families who were heading into the forrest to pick mushrooms. And from what I was told, some Catalonians take their mushroom picking very seriously! But more importantly, this is what would dictate the 12 course lunch tasting menu we were about to enjoy.

The restaurant is in a stand alone building that looked more like a house from the outside. Upon entering through the gates, its clear that there is much more to the restaurant than just the building. The area in general was full of foliage and of course, it wouldn’t be Les Magnòlies without having a huge magnolia tree on the grounds in front.IMG_6621

To the immediate left was a large planter that contained a diverse array of mushrooms. Each were labeled with its name in Catalan, along with information regarding its toxicity (edible, hallucinogenic, or toxic.) I found it to be rather interesting and there were some mushrooms I’ve definitely never seen before. Also, on the other side of the building there was a beautiful outdoor garden with more seating that would be the perfect setting for any private event.

“Mushroom Hunting & Gastronomic Days” was the title of our menu. And as I mentioned earlier, there was to be 12 courses all based around mushrooms and chestnuts. Luckily, both of the featured ingredients are at the top of my favorites list, so I knew I was in for a treat.

Not only was the food impeccable, but so was the service. Every dish was brought out at a steady pace and some of them were even finished off table side with the server’s delicate hand adding the finishing garnishes and sauce. And while every dish had its own unique and delicious flavor, the one dish that stood out amongst all was the “Castanyes amb foie i crestes de gall”.

Translated as “chestnuts with foie and cocks comb” (yes, that red thing on the rooster’s head!), this dish was absolutely incredible! I know that cocks comb may not sound appetizing to everyone, but if you’ve ever had bone marrow and liked it, then you would definitely like this dish. The gelatinous and earthy flavor of the comb was balanced out with the delicateness of the chestnut cream and foie. One of the guests at our table couldn’t seem to stomach the thought, so I happily took her serving! And on top of it all, the presentation of this dish was probably the best, as you’ll see in the photo gallery below.

All in all we had a delicious meal, with a beautiful setting and great company. After lunch, we took a stroll around the small town we were in, which I will post about in the future. Until then, enjoy the photos of Restaurant Les Magnolies!


4 responses to “Les Magnòlies- Mushroom Gastronomy in Girona

  1. I love bone marrow. It’s always a treat to have that in a dish. We always add bone marrow in our plain, simple, beef soup, so I’m sure I’ll like the cock’s comb, too. Cheers !

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