Business Class- TAP Portugal Heathrow to Lisbon

IMG_4698The second leg of my flight was from Heathrow to Lisbon on TAP.  And I mentioned in my previous post , my ticket includes business class services all the way to Barcelona, with two more legs to go.  I had already known ahead of time what kind if aircraft I was going to be on.  On this leg, I flew on an Airbus A319.  I boarded first and to my surprise, there was only one other person sitting in business class with me!

IMG_4689The plane provided the standard two class cabin with larger leather seats in the front. Although it still has three seats on each side, one aisle of the business class seats are separated in a way that only two people can sit there.  My seat was pre-assigned to 3F, but as soon as boarding was complete, the flight attendant informed us that we could move to the first row where there was more leg room. As expected, we were offered something to drink as soon as the plane took off.  I didn’t have any alcohol since I was a little jet-lagged from my first flight.  We were also handed menus to choose our meals from.  We had an entree choice, with an appetizer and dessert included.  I opted for the Duck Cottage Pie.IMG_4690
The food came out very quickly.  But unlike United, where they served every course separately, this food came out all together.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining!  It was still a nice hot meal and the octopus salad was delicious!  The duck was tasty as well and the pudding was good, but a little too rich and sweet for me to finish.  All in all the service was a little more intimate being that it was a smaller plane and there were only two of us sitting there.  The male flight attendant was friendly and we even had a short conversation in the galley sparked by the fact that I saw him playing Candy Crush Saga on his iPad! (Yes, I’m a Candy Crush addict…) The flight was short but I managed to get a little shut eye on the way to assure that I wouldn’t be a complete zombie by the time we landed.  The experience over all was pleasant and I was happy to finally be in Lisbon! I look forward to taking my next flight and telling you all about it!  Ciao!

4 responses to “Business Class- TAP Portugal Heathrow to Lisbon

  1. I hope that your experience of TAP was better than my previous flights with them. Down in economy class, the service was so bad on the last few flights, that now I avoid them all the time. See a lot of complaints on the internet too. And judging by the photo of your food in business class, then things do not look much better there.

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