New York Minutes- The Chelsea Market

IMG_4516One of the places that I love to visit every so often is the Chelsea Market. And every time I go there, I realize how much I love it! Over on the west side in the Chelsea neighborhood (hence the name), this market is pretty unique.  There are a variety of retail stores and restaurants, a long with vendors along the walkways selling various products.  Its quite the bustling place filled with locals and tourists alike. IMG_4523

On my last visit, I stopped by The Filling Station to take a peak at their awesome selections of gourmet salts, oils and craft beer.  I ended up finding some black volcanic Hawaiian finishing salt, which looked very interesting.  The great thing about this place is not only the wide array of salts and oils, but if you bring back the reusable glass container, they will give you a discount on your refill!

There is also a great little store called Kingdom of Herbs that has everything from great hand-crafted boxes, to succulents and orchids, to jewelry, and of course, fresh herbs!  Its quite a place for exploring and discovering beautiful things.IMG_4521

If you like Asian food, particularly sandwiches, make sure to stop by Numpang.  I was happy to see that they opened another location in the market as I frequent their original location inUnion Square.  I definitely recommend the pork belly and Asian pear sandwich.  Delicious!

Other than these great places, there are many more things to see and eat in the market, so make sure to stop by on your next visit to New York City.  Until next time!

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