New York Minutes- Cheap Eats in Chinatown!

“Five dollar noodles”.  That is what my friend and I call this place.  Its cheap, and GOOD!

"$5 Noodles"

“$5 Noodles”

With autumn finally here and temperatures cooling down, this is the perfect place to go and slurp some noodles, warm up a little bit and leave very satisfied. Located down a little side street off Bowery, this tiny place is definitely off the beaten path. Sometimes there may be a short wait, but its well worth it.

As you can tell by our nickname, most of the dishes on here are around $5 or so.  You can spend under $10 with tip and leave happy and full.  Aside from its wallet-friendly prices, the highlight of this place is watching the man in the back room slap, pound, beat and hand-pull the noodles. The menu also offers fried noodles, and a variety of appetizers.  One thing to note that this isn’t going to be the most glamorous place, but it’s simplicity is whats so great about it!  (And if you’re lucky, they might be playing Sesame Street in Chinese on the TV!)

On my last visit, I opted for the Fujanese Wonton pork dumpling soup, with hand-pulled noodles.  Simple, and satisfying.  Take a peek at their menu by clicking on the image below.  You’ll also find a map to the location as well.  I hope you get a chance to stop by!


Fujanese Pork Wonton Dumpling soup with hand-pulled noodles

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